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    agriculture is the new urban mega trend

    At the green week in Berlin anOtherArchitect, TDI and a Yaroslavl based farm cooperative (former Russian Kolhoz) signed a contract for the strategic development of a 8.000ha large site at the Golden Ring. The aim of the project is to develop the site into the leading sustainable diary farm in Russia. The contract was signed at the office of the Russian ministry of agriculture of the “Grüne Woche”.

    The project will be part of the Russian Urban Studies a joint project of anOtherArchitect and the Territory Development Institute. In the context of a growing world population and the rise of mega cities the sustainable development of agricultural sites in order to ensure the food security is an important task.

    The study will be released as RUS 5 (Russian Urban Studies).



    В рамках «Зеленой недели – 2013» в Берлине было подписано четырехстороннее соглашение о сотрудничестве в 2013 году между ОАО «Племзавод им. Дзержинского» (Ярославская область), ЗАО «Юридическое агентство «ВИП-консалтинг» (Ярославль), ЗАО «Институт развития территорий» (Москва) и бюро anOtherArchitect (Берлин) по реализации “Проекта комплексного освоения территории Племзавода им. Дзержинского” Ярославской области. В рамках соглашения планируется создать мастер-план ключевых поселений племзавода и проект экспериментальной фермы, сформировать инвестиционный пакет проекта, а также разработать бренд линейки местных молочных продуктов.
    В течение 2012 года международная команда экспертов и проектировщиков под управлением TDI (Москва) и anOtherArchitect (Берлин) разрабатывала стратегию развития “Племзавода им Дзержинского” – одного из ведущих производителей молока в Ярославском регионе, расположенном на участке в 8 000 гектар, в 20 км к юго-востоку от Ярославля. Задача команды – раскрыть потенциал данной территории, изучить ее урбанистические, экономические и социальные особенности и создать концепцию нового устойчивого поселения – Агропарка, основанного на инновационном мировом опыте в сфере сельского хозяйства, поддержанного сопутствующими агро-бизнесами – туризмом, образованием, спортом. Проектная команда предполагает, что в работе над такой значительной территорией нужно использовать принцип High brain – Low tech, то есть использовать наиболее передовые экологические подходы с минимальным вмешательством в среду, а также поддерживать уже существующие точки экономического роста.

    agriculture is the new urban mega trend
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    говорите по-русски?

    For several projects in Russia we are looking for young talents. You should be based in Berlin or willing to move here on short notice. The following positions are available currently:


    •  Landscape Design or Urban Design Intern

    – 6+ months (part or full time)
    – 2D drawing / 3D modelling / adobe
    russian / english speaking


    • Junior Architect with experience in office buildings
    – B.Arch or M.Arch degree
    – professional experience of at least one office building design
    – 2D drawing / 3D modeling / adobe
    russian / english speaking


    • Intern (Architecture)
    – 6+ months (full time)
    – 2D drawing / 3D modelling / adobe
    russian / english speaking


    • Intern (Architecture)
    – 6+ months (full time)
    – B.Arch or M.Arch degree
    – 2D drawing / 3D modelling / rendering / adobe
    – english speaking


    • Intern with experience in Grasshopper or Scripting Knowledge
    – 3-6 months (part or full time)
    –  rhino or maya / GH or processing
    –  english speaking


    • Graphic Designer (Intern)
    – 3-6 months (part or full time)
    –  english speaking


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    Gletscher Musik / Музыка Ледника

    At a press conference in Almaty (Kazakhstan) anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra was announced scientific curator of the Gletschermusik project (glacier music / Музыка Ледника). “Glacier Music” is an initiative by the German Goethe Institute with the aim to create awareness of the melting glaciers in central asia due to global warming.

    The first part of the project was an expedition to the Tujuksu glacier to record sounds of the melting ice. The expedition was filmed by Swiss documentary film maker Christian Frei and supported by ARTE radio. The sound recordings will be used for an open call to artists of the region curated by Berlin based visual artist Lillevan.

    Daniel Dendra will moderate 4 seminars in September in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and a conference in Tashkent in November.

    More info will be posted here on the project. In the meanwhile you can also follow the Facebook page of the project:


    See some images from the glacier expedition here:


    Gletscher Musik / Музыка Ледника
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    Toy City 1.0 Book

    We are happy to announce that we published our TOY CITY study together with our partner TDI in Moscow. The book is a conceptual study on the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky, a small city located at the Golden Ring in Russia.
    Books will be available at our exhibition and lecture at the Moscow Architecture Biennale from 23rd May – 27th May.
    You can also order your own copy and print it on demand with worldwide delivery.
    TOY CITY – a conceptual urban study for the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky’ is an attempt to grasp the character, opportunities and threads, which a Russian city is facing in XXI century. The case study, Pereslavl-Zalessky, is situated at the famous Golden Ring of Russia, 140km form Moscow. Pereslavl represents most of the problems of a typical Russian city, as well has many unique qualities, like its location at the lake and Natural Park. 

    Within the “toy city” concept the city would become the sandbox for new creative ideas and developments. Applied within the city the success could be measured with new technologies applied and analyzed by the university and a newly formed BOTIK URBAN ANALYSIS CENTER. 

    Topics should include cultural tourism, wellness, lake tourism, mobility education, nature and sustainability.

    The list can be extended constantly. Successful strategies would within a real-time evaluation process and a certain timeframe applied to other cities in the Region, the Golden Ring or even whole Russia.

    Toy City 1.0 Book
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    upcoming lectures and crits …

    in order to concentrate more on upcoming projects I am trying to reduce my traveling and teaching engagements. Nevertheless there is couple of possibilities in the following month to meet.

    BERLIN: on the 6th of March there will be a public lecture at the DAZ: German Architectural Institute (Deutsches Architectur Zentrum). The exact time and title of the lecture will be announced soon

    BERLIN: on the 7th of March Architectuul and OpenSimSim are organizing a public bike tour in Berlin from 9am till 2pm. So if you want to get out your bicycle again for spring and see some cool architecture with a group of people don´t miss the date. For more info please email to be@opensimsim.net

    OMSK (Russia): on the 20th and 21st of March there will be several events in Omsk during a design festival. Amongst others there will be a public lecture and masterclass.

    SAMARA (Russia): In March or April there will be also a public lecture at the university of Samara – the date still needs to be confirmed.

    PHILADELPHIA (USA): on the 3rd / 4th of April and the 2rd / 4th of May I will join the jury panel at the UPenn university. I will be guest critic at the mid- and final review of the class of Prof. Martin Haas (Behnisch Architects). On this trip I will pass through New York as well so lets get in touch if there are any interesting events going on in NYC as well.



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    Daniel Dendra jury member of ArchiVisov 2012

    It´s a great pleasure to join in the second year in a row the jury of the renown Russian interior and furniture prize : ArchiVisov.

    You can still hand in your projects fitting the three categories until the 30th of March. The best works will be presented at ArchMoscow (Moscow Architecture Biennale 2012). It´s great to see that many of my Russian architects and designer friends are also in the jury this year: Sergei Tchoban, Totan Kuzembaev, Boris Leviant and Vladimir Kuzmin (who was moderating our OpenJapan event at Strelka last year).

    The prize is by the way sponsored by NAYADA, the company who is also producing the HEDRONIC chair.

    More information about the competition and the jury can be found (only in Russian) on the following website: http://archchallenge.com/object-2012/jury

    Daniel Dendra jury member of ArchiVisov 2012