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    WIP: Toy City @ Biennale

    At the moment we have 4 exhibitions in parallel going up in Berlin and Moscow. In addition to the massive FutureCityLab exhibit in Berlin we have currently our Toy City project featured at the Moscow Biennale. The book will be unfolded on a massive 14m long table with some additional content on the walls. Also there will be a little surprise when you walk inside the Biennale 😉 from Russia with Love.

    Iliayz from Tajikistan is helping to construct the table – apparently he fall in love with the I(h)PZ girl 😉

    WIP: Toy City @ Biennale
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    Toy City 1.0 Book

    We are happy to announce that we published our TOY CITY study together with our partner TDI in Moscow. The book is a conceptual study on the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky, a small city located at the Golden Ring in Russia.
    Books will be available at our exhibition and lecture at the Moscow Architecture Biennale from 23rd May – 27th May.
    You can also order your own copy and print it on demand with worldwide delivery.
    TOY CITY – a conceptual urban study for the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky’ is an attempt to grasp the character, opportunities and threads, which a Russian city is facing in XXI century. The case study, Pereslavl-Zalessky, is situated at the famous Golden Ring of Russia, 140km form Moscow. Pereslavl represents most of the problems of a typical Russian city, as well has many unique qualities, like its location at the lake and Natural Park. 

    Within the “toy city” concept the city would become the sandbox for new creative ideas and developments. Applied within the city the success could be measured with new technologies applied and analyzed by the university and a newly formed BOTIK URBAN ANALYSIS CENTER. 

    Topics should include cultural tourism, wellness, lake tourism, mobility education, nature and sustainability.

    The list can be extended constantly. Successful strategies would within a real-time evaluation process and a certain timeframe applied to other cities in the Region, the Golden Ring or even whole Russia.

    Toy City 1.0 Book