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    Publication: Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 33/2012

    Gletschermusik Project is published in the German newspaper for Central Asia: Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

    see the full press clipping here

    Publication: Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 33/2012
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    Publication: NEW SCIENTIST

    Daniel Dendra was interviewed for the London based NEW SCIENTIST magazine by Natalie Holmes. The article is asking the question “Where should we start if we want to transform our cities?” by looking at the BMW Guggenheim Lab and the FutureCityLab (both located at the AEDES Campus in Berlin in Summer 2012).


    Publication: NEW SCIENTIST
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    Toy City 1.0 Book

    We are happy to announce that we published our TOY CITY study together with our partner TDI in Moscow. The book is a conceptual study on the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky, a small city located at the Golden Ring in Russia.
    Books will be available at our exhibition and lecture at the Moscow Architecture Biennale from 23rd May – 27th May.
    You can also order your own copy and print it on demand with worldwide delivery.
    TOY CITY – a conceptual urban study for the future of Pereslavl-Zalessky’ is an attempt to grasp the character, opportunities and threads, which a Russian city is facing in XXI century. The case study, Pereslavl-Zalessky, is situated at the famous Golden Ring of Russia, 140km form Moscow. Pereslavl represents most of the problems of a typical Russian city, as well has many unique qualities, like its location at the lake and Natural Park. 

    Within the “toy city” concept the city would become the sandbox for new creative ideas and developments. Applied within the city the success could be measured with new technologies applied and analyzed by the university and a newly formed BOTIK URBAN ANALYSIS CENTER. 

    Topics should include cultural tourism, wellness, lake tourism, mobility education, nature and sustainability.

    The list can be extended constantly. Successful strategies would within a real-time evaluation process and a certain timeframe applied to other cities in the Region, the Golden Ring or even whole Russia.

    Toy City 1.0 Book
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    Join the conversation

    For the FutureCitLab exhibition in Berlin we are currently preparing a small booklet about the power of new technologies. If you have an opinion on how the following trends will change the future city please contact us.

    1) sharing
    2) crowd funding
    3) co-creation / crowdsourcing
    4) gaming
    Join the conversation on FB https://www.facebook.com/aABerlin
    or send us an email to  aade (at) anOtherArchitect.com
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    publication: OZ magazine Volume 33, 2011

    I just received this video by our OpenSimSim collaborator Kyle Rogler of the latest OZ journal. OZ is an award winning journal of the College of Architecture at Kansas State University and is released every year. To the current issue on AUGMENT such well known architects such as Frank Barkow (Barkow-Leibinger, Berlin) and my former boss Patrick Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects, London) contributed interesting articles.

    My article on augmented culture is discussing the influence of my work for the Kyme furniture and also OpenSimSim on the practice of anOtherArchitect.


    Here is the table of content:

    Less Is More Intense
    Magnus Larsson

    Revolutions of Choice
    Frank Barkow

    Hand Drawing in a Digital Age
    Alan Dunlop

    Shared Transformation
    Lisa Iwamoto

    Measurement, Uncertainty, and the Dataspace
    Nathan Miller

    Augmented Culture
    Daniel Dendra

    Illustrating Ecologies
    Bradley Cantrell

    Augmenting Architecture through Algorithmic Modeling
    Nathan Howe

    More. Better. Integrated.
    Ryan Gedney

    Ordering Complexity
    Patrick Schumacher

    Digital Craft
    Monica Ponce de Leon

    On Intimacy and Design
    Ramona Albert and Christopher Johnson


    If you are interested to read more you can order the magazine on the OZ website:


    publication: OZ magazine Volume 33, 2011
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    contributing to the NEUFERT

    If you are an architect or a planner despite of your location you will probably know the NEUFERT as a kind of daily bible. Of course there are some other reference books such as the Metric Handbook, Materials_Structures_Standards or Architectural_Graphic_Standards but none of them is so widely distributed as this book founded by the German architect Ernst Neufert in 1936. Till today the NEUFERT BAUENTWURFSLEHRE was translated into 18 languages and at the moment the 40th German edition is being prepared.

    It was a great pleasure and honor to be asked to contribute to a new chapter on Parametric Design. Basically it´s like someone asking you to set a standard for a topic. We just finished the last corrections and I must admit that it is a hard way and difficult to break down such a complex topic on one A4 page in the Neufert specific informative and dry language and simplistic black and white diagrams. The task was to give a quick insight into the topic for beginners – so if you are a pro do not expect too much. Together with some Cad-Logic students we prepared the first drafts and a small booklet on the topic spanning over several pages. After several reviews we managed together with the great Neufert team to extract the most valid and important information.

    I keep you updated on the progress and  when the new edition will be published. Usually it takes some time until the latest German edition will be translated.

    Below you see a typical page from the Bauentwurfslehre explaining standards in Bathrooms …

    contributing to the NEUFERT