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    upcoming lectures and crits …

    in order to concentrate more on upcoming projects I am trying to reduce my traveling and teaching engagements. Nevertheless there is couple of possibilities in the following month to meet.

    BERLIN: on the 6th of March there will be a public lecture at the DAZ: German Architectural Institute (Deutsches Architectur Zentrum). The exact time and title of the lecture will be announced soon

    BERLIN: on the 7th of March Architectuul and OpenSimSim are organizing a public bike tour in Berlin from 9am till 2pm. So if you want to get out your bicycle again for spring and see some cool architecture with a group of people don´t miss the date. For more info please email to be@opensimsim.net

    OMSK (Russia): on the 20th and 21st of March there will be several events in Omsk during a design festival. Amongst others there will be a public lecture and masterclass.

    SAMARA (Russia): In March or April there will be also a public lecture at the university of Samara – the date still needs to be confirmed.

    PHILADELPHIA (USA): on the 3rd / 4th of April and the 2rd / 4th of May I will join the jury panel at the UPenn university. I will be guest critic at the mid- and final review of the class of Prof. Martin Haas (Behnisch Architects). On this trip I will pass through New York as well so lets get in touch if there are any interesting events going on in NYC as well.