Gletscher Musik / Музыка Ледника

At a press conference in Almaty (Kazakhstan) anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra was announced scientific curator of the Gletschermusik project (glacier music / Музыка Ледника). “Glacier Music” is an initiative by the German Goethe Institute with the aim to create awareness of the melting glaciers in central asia due to global warming.

The first part of the project was an expedition to the Tujuksu glacier to record sounds of the melting ice. The expedition was filmed by Swiss documentary film maker Christian Frei and supported by ARTE radio. The sound recordings will be used for an open call to artists of the region curated by Berlin based visual artist Lillevan.

Daniel Dendra will moderate 4 seminars in September in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and a conference in Tashkent in November.

More info will be posted here on the project. In the meanwhile you can also follow the Facebook page of the project:

See some images from the glacier expedition here:

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