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    agriculture is the new urban mega trend

    At the green week in Berlin anOtherArchitect, TDI and a Yaroslavl based farm cooperative (former Russian Kolhoz) signed a contract for the strategic development of a 8.000ha large site at the Golden Ring. The aim of the project is to develop the site into the leading sustainable diary farm in Russia. The contract was signed at the office of the Russian ministry of agriculture of the “Grüne Woche”.

    The project will be part of the Russian Urban Studies a joint project of anOtherArchitect and the Territory Development Institute. In the context of a growing world population and the rise of mega cities the sustainable development of agricultural sites in order to ensure the food security is an important task.

    The study will be released as RUS 5 (Russian Urban Studies).



    В рамках «Зеленой недели – 2013» в Берлине было подписано четырехстороннее соглашение о сотрудничестве в 2013 году между ОАО «Племзавод им. Дзержинского» (Ярославская область), ЗАО «Юридическое агентство «ВИП-консалтинг» (Ярославль), ЗАО «Институт развития территорий» (Москва) и бюро anOtherArchitect (Берлин) по реализации “Проекта комплексного освоения территории Племзавода им. Дзержинского” Ярославской области. В рамках соглашения планируется создать мастер-план ключевых поселений племзавода и проект экспериментальной фермы, сформировать инвестиционный пакет проекта, а также разработать бренд линейки местных молочных продуктов.
    В течение 2012 года международная команда экспертов и проектировщиков под управлением TDI (Москва) и anOtherArchitect (Берлин) разрабатывала стратегию развития “Племзавода им Дзержинского” – одного из ведущих производителей молока в Ярославском регионе, расположенном на участке в 8 000 гектар, в 20 км к юго-востоку от Ярославля. Задача команды – раскрыть потенциал данной территории, изучить ее урбанистические, экономические и социальные особенности и создать концепцию нового устойчивого поселения – Агропарка, основанного на инновационном мировом опыте в сфере сельского хозяйства, поддержанного сопутствующими агро-бизнесами – туризмом, образованием, спортом. Проектная команда предполагает, что в работе над такой значительной территорией нужно использовать принцип High brain – Low tech, то есть использовать наиболее передовые экологические подходы с минимальным вмешательством в среду, а также поддерживать уже существующие точки экономического роста.

    agriculture is the new urban mega trend
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    Publication: NEW SCIENTIST

    Daniel Dendra was interviewed for the London based NEW SCIENTIST magazine by Natalie Holmes. The article is asking the question “Where should we start if we want to transform our cities?” by looking at the BMW Guggenheim Lab and the FutureCityLab (both located at the AEDES Campus in Berlin in Summer 2012).


    Publication: NEW SCIENTIST
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    work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin

    We are currently installing the FutureCityLab installation at the AEDES Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition will feature the urban foresight unit as a six weeks laboratory with round tables every Wednesday and workshops almost every week-end. The curatorial concept developed by anOtherArchitect is reflecting this idea of a work in progress show featuring large blackboards made out of Eternit fibre concrete. Each of the blackboards has another function: the roundtable is surrounded by a long time line which is the graphic recording area for the events. The workshops will take place on a long table at the window and a huge free zone at the entrance will enable the participation of the visitors by leaving comments and ideas. More about some technological features of the exhibition after the opening.

    You can see more work-in-progress images on our Flickr stream: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzqDeXo


    In parallel there will be an exhibition about the Tokyo architecture studio Atelier Bow Wow which will feature some of their large scale models:


    One of their projects the design of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is under construction in the courtyard of the AEDES and is due to open with a delay of 2 weeks:


    work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin
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    Join the conversation

    For the FutureCitLab exhibition in Berlin we are currently preparing a small booklet about the power of new technologies. If you have an opinion on how the following trends will change the future city please contact us.

    1) sharing
    2) crowd funding
    3) co-creation / crowdsourcing
    4) gaming
    Join the conversation on FB https://www.facebook.com/aABerlin
    or send us an email to  aade (at) anOtherArchitect.com
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    In collaboration with OpenSimSim and Eternit there will be an exhibition of crowd sourced furniture at the AEDES gallery during the FutureCityLab exhibition. Currently 3 options are being manufactured and during June or July there will be also a workshop on developing the designs further. The event will be published on the OpenSimSim FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/login.php

    You can follow the whole process on the OpenSimSim blog: http://opensimsim.tumblr.com/tagged/openfurniture

    The video is showing former anOtherArchitect : Bruno Pereira (OpenSimSim Lisbon)  and Andrea Graziano from Pinerolo discussing some thoughs on what type of connection should we use to build the chair/stool in fiberconcrete sheet.


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    FutureCityLab explained in a film

    The FutureCityLab trailer is finally online. It´s a collage of interviews of many of the network members explaining their ideas behind the project: swarm intelligence 😉

    As you can see in the movie the weather in Berlin was not ideal this winter for filming. At the day of the shooting it was 5degrees, rainy and very windy. I guess you can see it in my eyes ..

    In case you are not familiar with the FutureCityLab project you can read a short description below.

    We wish for you to join the open-source platform Future City Lab and collectively THINK THE UNTHINKABLE. Participate, share knowledge, establish synergies and create a sustainable roadmap to give rise to the future city 2.0 by 2050.

    Climate Change, rapidly growing megacities and the need for new energy sources are challenges we can leverage to develop cities that are vibrant, energy-efficient and sustainable. In the spirit of TED, ftr.ct.lb is a platform for open discussion; using the power of collective ideas to shape a future vision of the city 2.0.

    Future City Lab is an open-source initiative created by a worldwide collaboration of leading engineers, universities and scientists using crowd sourcing in order to launch a sustainable future by 2050.

    Cities all over the world are facing the biggest challenge in history to immediately and drastically reduce CO2 emissions to combat climate change. Cities need to respond to increasing temperatures, frequency of storms and limited resources. The trend of people moving from rural to urban areas makes cities the focal point in the search for solutions.

    City 2.0 adapts to the climate, is built sustainably realizing a CO2 neutral building stock, and is liveable for 2 billion new inhabitants. Increased density is addressed through the optimized use of façades as vertical parks or for energy generation.

    This requires a massive change within a short time. To meet these challenges leading engineers, universities and scientists worldwide collaborate to initiate the Future City Lab. By sharing their knowledge and leading discussions about possible solutions, a comprehensive roadmap takes shape. This roadmap will function as a springboard for planners to find solutions and establish the planning directives needed today.

    Future City Lab is aiming to revolutionise the design of our future living and city environment. Visions, research results and specialized knowledge are made public for students and experts. By using a web-based platform everyone in the world can participate to investigate, design and illustrate visions in selected cities solving their specific problems. The visions are created for a real site in a city; first the current conditions are shown and then transformed to a sustainable concept of the site. Users may comment and contribute to the visions as a starting point for professional discourse within a mosaic of ideas accessible to everyone.

    Urban planning is the design of the unfinished; it is a process that is driven by change. Focusing on collective participation all authors and web users may participate in the development of City 2.0. Take part in shaping the future – join ftr.ct.lb

    Universities already in the ftr.ct.lb network: Alghero Italy, ESA Paris, ETH Zürich, UPenn, TU Delft, Syracuse NY, Ryerson Toronto, IUAV Venezia, ANCB Berlin.

    FutureCityLab explained in a film