agriculture is the new urban mega trend

At the green week in Berlin anOtherArchitect, TDI and a Yaroslavl based farm cooperative (former Russian Kolhoz) signed a contract for the strategic development of a 8.000ha large site at the Golden Ring. The aim of the project is to develop the site into the leading sustainable diary farm in Russia. The contract was signed… Continue reading agriculture is the new urban mega trend

work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin

We are currently installing the FutureCityLab installation at the AEDES Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition will feature the urban foresight unit as a six weeks laboratory with round tables every Wednesday and workshops almost every week-end. The curatorial concept developed by anOtherArchitect is reflecting this idea of a work in progress show featuring large blackboards… Continue reading work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin

Join the conversation

For the FutureCitLab exhibition in Berlin we are currently preparing a small booklet about the power of new technologies. If you have an opinion on how the following trends will change the future city please contact us. 1) sharing 2) crowd funding 3) co-creation / crowdsourcing 4) gaming Join the conversation on FB or send… Continue reading Join the conversation


In collaboration with OpenSimSim and Eternit there will be an exhibition of crowd sourced furniture at the AEDES gallery during the FutureCityLab exhibition. Currently 3 options are being manufactured and during June or July there will be also a workshop on developing the designs further. The event will be published on the OpenSimSim FaceBook page:… Continue reading OpenFurniture

FutureCityLab explained in a film

The FutureCityLab trailer is finally online. It´s a collage of interviews of many of the network members explaining their ideas behind the project: swarm intelligence 😉 As you can see in the movie the weather in Berlin was not ideal this winter for filming. At the day of the shooting it was 5degrees, rainy and… Continue reading FutureCityLab explained in a film