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    work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin

    We are currently installing the FutureCityLab installation at the AEDES Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition will feature the urban foresight unit as a six weeks laboratory with round tables every Wednesday and workshops almost every week-end. The curatorial concept developed by anOtherArchitect is reflecting this idea of a work in progress show featuring large blackboards made out of Eternit fibre concrete. Each of the blackboards has another function: the roundtable is surrounded by a long time line which is the graphic recording area for the events. The workshops will take place on a long table at the window and a huge free zone at the entrance will enable the participation of the visitors by leaving comments and ideas. More about some technological features of the exhibition after the opening.

    You can see more work-in-progress images on our Flickr stream: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzqDeXo


    In parallel there will be an exhibition about the Tokyo architecture studio Atelier Bow Wow which will feature some of their large scale models:


    One of their projects the design of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is under construction in the courtyard of the AEDES and is due to open with a delay of 2 weeks:


    work in progress: Exhibition Design of FutureCityLab @ AEDES Berlin
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    Daniel Dendra jury member of ArchiVisov 2012

    It´s a great pleasure to join in the second year in a row the jury of the renown Russian interior and furniture prize : ArchiVisov.

    You can still hand in your projects fitting the three categories until the 30th of March. The best works will be presented at ArchMoscow (Moscow Architecture Biennale 2012). It´s great to see that many of my Russian architects and designer friends are also in the jury this year: Sergei Tchoban, Totan Kuzembaev, Boris Leviant and Vladimir Kuzmin (who was moderating our OpenJapan event at Strelka last year).

    The prize is by the way sponsored by NAYADA, the company who is also producing the HEDRONIC chair.

    More information about the competition and the jury can be found (only in Russian) on the following website: http://archchallenge.com/object-2012/jury

    Daniel Dendra jury member of ArchiVisov 2012