Noisy Tea Time table featured in documentary film

anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra is one of the characters featured in the documentary film VOICES AND FACES OF THE ADHAN: CAIRO. This short video features Daniel, the NoisyTeaTime Table, and the factory where the magic happened, CAT, in Cairo. For finalising and editing the documentary OnLook Films started a crowd funding pledge on kickstarter. If… Continue reading Noisy Tea Time table featured in documentary film

Audi Urban Future Award 2012

We are happy to announce that anOtherArchitect / OpenSimSim is part of the Sao Paulo team (lead by Urban Think Tank / ETH Zürich) of the 2012 Audi Urban Future Award. Our main responsibility is to develop an online layer to the physical city that can in future enhance the efficiency, fun factor and social… Continue reading Audi Urban Future Award 2012

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anOther fruitful collaboration

anOtherArchitect is currently collaborating with Berlin based Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota on several projects. We are proud to be involved in the artistic development and support the renown artist with our knowledge. Chiharu is well know for her black treaded sculpture which were exhibited at the 2011 Venice Art Biennale and Art Basel. This year… Continue reading anOther fruitful collaboration

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говорите по-русски?

For several projects in Russia we are looking for young talents. You should be based in Berlin or willing to move here on short notice. The following positions are available currently:    Landscape Design or Urban Design Intern – 6+ months (part or full time) – 2D drawing / 3D modelling / adobe – russian… Continue reading говорите по-русски?

Gletscher Musik / Музыка Ледника

At a press conference in Almaty (Kazakhstan) anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra was announced scientific curator of the Gletschermusik project (glacier music / Музыка Ледника). “Glacier Music” is an initiative by the German Goethe Institute with the aim to create awareness of the melting glaciers in central asia due to global warming. The first part of the… Continue reading Gletscher Musik / Музыка Ледника


Buildings are responsible for about 50 % of the countrywide energy consumption. The EU-carbon roadmap is envisioning a 90% carbon reduction of the building sector until 2050. This requires a re-clad- ding of the entire building stock within the European Union – other countries will certainly follow. Combined with insulation, fabrics can potentially play a significant… Continue reading ROUNDTABLE: RE-CLOTHING THE CITY – WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FABRICS AND URBANISM?

FutureCityLab roundtable: Bilbao effect utopia

Daniel Dendra is part of a experts roundtable at the FutureCityLab in Berlin discussing the Bilbao effect utopia. Join on the 27th of June at the AEDES gallery. Manitoba Hydro considered several aspects to revitalize downtown Winnipeg with their new head office. This includes parking, staff cafeteria and other amenities. Together with key members of the… Continue reading FutureCityLab roundtable: Bilbao effect utopia