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    Buildings are responsible for about 50 % of the countrywide energy consumption. The EU-carbon roadmap is envisioning a 90% carbon reduction of the building sector until 2050. This requires a re-clad- ding of the entire building stock within the European Union – other countries will certainly follow.

    Combined with insulation, fabrics can potentially play a significant role in this re-cladding task (fabric composites / high tech fabrics like used for outdoor clothing). Fab- ric re-cladding systems could potentially be inexpensive, provide a relatively fast installation and has an “adjustable” esthetics.

    In collaboration with KOLON and Imagine Group

    Join us on the 4th of July at the AEDES gallery in Berlin!

    guest experts: 

    Marcel Bilow (Bucky Lab / TU DELFT)

    Uli Knaack (TU Delft / Imagine Envelope)

    Holger Techen (Imagine Structures)

    Philipp Baumeister (Pratt Institute)

    Dagmar Richter (Pratt Institute)

    Christiane Sauer (FORMADE)

    Christoph Gengnagel (UDK Berlin)

    SUH Architects (Seoul)

    Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect, Berlin)

    Thomas Auer (Transsolar)

    register for the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/109002179243120/

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    FutureCityLab roundtable: Bilbao effect utopia

    Daniel Dendra is part of a experts roundtable at the FutureCityLab in Berlin discussing the Bilbao effect utopia. Join on the 27th of June at the AEDES gallery.

    Manitoba Hydro considered several aspects to revitalize downtown Winnipeg with their new head office. This includes parking, staff cafeteria and other amenities. Together with key members of the design team and international experts we would like to discuss the achievements and what else could be done to reach a tipping point.

    guest experts: 

    Bruce Kuwabara, KPMB Architects

    Tom Akerstream, Manitoba Hydro

    Matthias Sauerbruch, Sauerbruch Hutton

    Frank Barkow, Barkow Leibinger

    Daniel Dendra, anOtherArchitect

    Matthias Böttger, DAZ (tbc)

    Martin Rein-Cano, Topotek1 (tbc)

    Ares Kalandides, Inpolis

    Thomas Auer, Transsolar 

    register for the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/312055595555769/




    FutureCityLab roundtable: Bilbao effect utopia
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    FutureCityLab comes to Berlin : lecture 5.3.2012

    Next Monday Matthias Rudolph (Transsolar) and Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect) will give a two lectures in Berlin at the German Architecture Centre DAZ following an invitation of Martin Haas (Behnisch Architekten). Since Martin´s students of UPenn university will come to the lecture the places are limited (There will be free beer after the lecture ;). So please let us know on Facebook ASAP if you would like to join! RSVP HERE


    Martin Haas (Benisch Architects)

    Welcome and short introduction to UPenn Studio Berlin: Airport Tegel – What´s next?

    Matthias Rudolph (Transsolar) | Climate Informed Design

    Matthias will present the role of climate engineering in the building process by exhibiting real world examples of the built environment, demonstrating how the recognition of outdoor as well as indoor climates can effectively inform design decisions. Understanding the interdependence of the built and natural environment, the impact of design decisions on qualities such as daylight, natural ventilation, air quality, thermal comfort as well as on environmental impact is essential.

    Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect) | OccupyBerlin : When will cities we know be transformed by thenet moment?

    Daniel Dendra is discussing in a public lecture how social media and other technologies will change the face of our cities and will allow for more sustainable and social environments.

    Monday, 5. Februar 2012, 19.00h
    DAZ, Köpenickerstr. 48, Berlin


    FutureCityLab comes to Berlin : lecture 5.3.2012
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    upcoming lectures and crits …

    in order to concentrate more on upcoming projects I am trying to reduce my traveling and teaching engagements. Nevertheless there is couple of possibilities in the following month to meet.

    BERLIN: on the 6th of March there will be a public lecture at the DAZ: German Architectural Institute (Deutsches Architectur Zentrum). The exact time and title of the lecture will be announced soon

    BERLIN: on the 7th of March Architectuul and OpenSimSim are organizing a public bike tour in Berlin from 9am till 2pm. So if you want to get out your bicycle again for spring and see some cool architecture with a group of people don´t miss the date. For more info please email to be@opensimsim.net

    OMSK (Russia): on the 20th and 21st of March there will be several events in Omsk during a design festival. Amongst others there will be a public lecture and masterclass.

    SAMARA (Russia): In March or April there will be also a public lecture at the university of Samara – the date still needs to be confirmed.

    PHILADELPHIA (USA): on the 3rd / 4th of April and the 2rd / 4th of May I will join the jury panel at the UPenn university. I will be guest critic at the mid- and final review of the class of Prof. Martin Haas (Behnisch Architects). On this trip I will pass through New York as well so lets get in touch if there are any interesting events going on in NYC as well.