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    guest critic at UDK Berlin | Design | Prof. Axel Kufus

    I was invited as a guest critic at a presentation of student work on the topic INSTRUCTABLE VIDEOS for a new logo for human rights.

    The logo is the result of a crowd sourcing competition at Jovoto and was financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is representing a mix between a dove and a human hand. The task of the students is to create a viral video that is spreading the logo worldwide or that is instructing them to re-draw, re-construct, re-play the logo.

    It was very interesting to discuss about viral videos and the needs of a logo for such a precious goods such as human rights.

    The workshop is led by Prof. Axel Kufus (UDK Berlin) and media artist Daniel Schulze (bitsbeauty).

    find out more information on human rights and on the logo competition


    see the student work here:


    guest critic at UDK Berlin | Design | Prof. Axel Kufus