Buildings are responsible for about 50 % of the countrywide energy consumption. The EU-carbon roadmap is envisioning a 90% carbon reduction of the building sector until 2050. This requires a re-clad- ding of the entire building stock within the European Union – other countries will certainly follow.

Combined with insulation, fabrics can potentially play a significant role in this re-cladding task (fabric composites / high tech fabrics like used for outdoor clothing). Fab- ric re-cladding systems could potentially be inexpensive, provide a relatively fast installation and has an “adjustable” esthetics.

In collaboration with KOLON and Imagine Group

Join us on the 4th of July at the AEDES gallery in Berlin!

guest experts: 

Marcel Bilow (Bucky Lab / TU DELFT)

Uli Knaack (TU Delft / Imagine Envelope)

Holger Techen (Imagine Structures)

Philipp Baumeister (Pratt Institute)

Dagmar Richter (Pratt Institute)

Christiane Sauer (FORMADE)

Christoph Gengnagel (UDK Berlin)

SUH Architects (Seoul)

Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect, Berlin)

Thomas Auer (Transsolar)

register for the event here:

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