Yauza Innovation Cluster Moscow

conversion of an old soviet factory into an innovation cluster

Moscow, Russia
size: 2ha
client: Technopolis Moscow
A former soviet industrial complex should be converted into a cluster for new innovative companies by keeping all the existing buildings on site.
We defined and developed first the quality of the outdoor spaces in order to create a campus like urban quality.
Based on the landscape framework we developed light-weight structures that could extend or upgrade the existing building structures but at the same time formulate a new urban quality.
The new innovation campus is a lively car-free neighbourhood that is linking the buildings with each other and the close by river Yauza. An existing high-rise building was developed as the central light-tower object with a new public function on top. Radial “landscape rays” define different qualities and give an address to all adjacent buildings. Additionally the landscape is understood as a productive element. One of the green fingers is operated as a rain water collector and recycling facility. By this the urban design is increasing the environmental quality of the close by river and park.