Mellrichstadt, Germany, 2008 |  SYMbio2.0 is a design study into urban furniture. It explores the symbiosis between the urban environment and the surrounding landscape, between different local and natural materials and the relationship of different inhabitants of a historic town.
The product line is split into a pavement and a furniture study.

SYMBIO – tiling: The pathway is the starting point of any street in the city. The SYMBIO tiling tries to visualize natural paths as known from the city in winter or autumn when people leave traces in the snow or in between the fallen leafs.

Another reference is the complex relationships of a web2.0 social network. The tiling tries to reveal the complex social network of the inhabitants of the town. By cross-relationships all inhabitants are related to each other.

The tiles themselves recall natural shapes and forms by various possible distributions of two different colors.

SYMBIO – furniture: The furniture line is a research into combining the local material of wood and the knowledge of a traditional craftsmanships with a modern design language.

collaboration: Treibhaus landscape architecture, Hamburg