Satka, Russia, 2011 | The re-design of an existing square in front of the dom kultury (cultural center) in Satka was the task for an international competition. The competition was commissioned by refractory company MAGNEZIT as a present for to the city for it´s 110th celebration. The proposal is keeping the existing quality of a green hill but introducing two new platforms that enable outdoor and indoor functions. Considering the climatic conditions of the city the indoor spaces under the landscape platforms are an important new element for a winter public space.

The top platform is an extension of the existing road in order to enable a full view of the listed dom kultury. A pond in form of the large open mining pit in Satka is transforming to an ice skating rig in winter.

The lower platform functioning as a sun bathing deck inclined towards the sun in summer and as a landing bay for sledding in winter.  Both platforms are emphasizing the existing central axis and an focus point in form of an art installation is proposed at the opposite end on top of a gravel hill connecting visually the city to the industrial site. A naturally rolling pathway is breaking the symmetry and allowing for a lesser inclination.

All proposals of the competition were exhibited and judged both by a professional jury at the Moscow Architectural Biennale and by the inhabitants of the city in Satka. Our design won the first prize in both votings.

status: competition (1st prize)