contributing to the NEUFERT

If you are an architect or a planner despite of your location you will probably know the NEUFERT as a kind of daily bible. Of course there are some other reference books such as the Metric Handbook, Materials_Structures_Standards or Architectural_Graphic_Standards but none of them is so widely distributed as this book founded by the German architect Ernst Neufert in 1936. Till today the NEUFERT BAUENTWURFSLEHRE was translated into 18 languages and at the moment the 40th German edition is being prepared.

It was a great pleasure and honor to be asked to contribute to a new chapter on Parametric Design. Basically it´s like someone asking you to set a standard for a topic. We just finished the last corrections and I must admit that it is a hard way and difficult to break down such a complex topic on one A4 page in the Neufert specific informative and dry language and simplistic black and white diagrams. The task was to give a quick insight into the topic for beginners – so if you are a pro do not expect too much. Together with some Cad-Logic students we prepared the first drafts and a small booklet on the topic spanning over several pages. After several reviews we managed together with the great Neufert team to extract the most valid and important information.

I keep you updated on the progress and  when the new edition will be published. Usually it takes some time until the latest German edition will be translated.

Below you see a typical page from the Bauentwurfslehre explaining standards in Bathrooms …

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