YES! We are looking for you!

We are currently looking for new talents in the fields of architecture, urban design and interior design. If you are a fresh graduate or you need a place to spend your internship don´t forget to send us your application. You could work in one of the most exciting cities in Europe on projects in Germany, Russia or Greece.

You should:

  • have good skills in 3D modelling and also know how to render or represent your 3d models in an attractive way
  • have good or advanced skills in CAD drawing
  • have an idea on how to make diagrams that explain spatial ideas of a project
  • know how to layout a project for presentations in booklet format or screen presentations
  • know how to make spreadsheets 
  • be fluent in English 
  • enjoy team work
  • be flexible

It would be an advantage if …..

  • speak or understand Russian or Greek
  • be able to use BIM modelling
  • be able to use GIS software
  • you know how to develop a sustainable project

In any case we are looking for characters and not for curriculums. So even if you might not fit all the description above you can still give it a try.

Send your full application which must contain:

  • a full CV (we don’t need to know if you like cats – keep it simple)
  • a portfolio as PDF attachment (please don’t send us links to websites!)
  • information on your nationality and in case you need a work permit please let us know if you have one
  • information on your availability (when can you start and for how long you want to stay)
  • your current place of residency
  • your Whatsapp and Skype contacts

(Please don´t send attachments larger then 10MB – they just might get stuck in the world wide web and never reach us)

Send the full package by email to