NEXT Moscow – musical chairs

an interactive installation at the Moscow Architecture Biennale

interactive installation at NEXT MOSCOW, 2011

[EN] The movie is showing the interactive installation of anOtherArchitect at ArchMoscow 2011 exhibition.

A kinect sensor was used in order to detect people sitting down on three different chairs. Once a visitor sits down LED moving heads are pointing at this person. A different color is assigned to each chair. In stand-by position the moving heads are lighting small exhibition tables.

idea and concept: anOtherArchitect : Daniel Dendra with Alessandro Colli and Andrea Rossi

realisation: Martin Professional, Daniel Dendra, Nicolai Suslov, Tatiana Soshenina

coding: Nicolai Suslov

used software: LightJockey, Krestianstvo SDK 2.0, Processing

video credits: Nicolai Sulsov under creative commons license