Moscow Biennale 2012


23.5. – 27.5.2012, Moscow

After our first participation in the ArchMoscow last year and winning even 2 awards for the “best international exhibition” and the “best design object” we are very happy to announce that we got selected again for the prestige show in Russia. Our joint study with TDI got selected to be exhibited at the this years show. The concept of “Toy City 1.0”  fits perfectly into the topic of “IDENTITIES” by curator Bart Goldhoorn.

Here is the curators manifesto:

Once everything was clear: “My address is not just a house or a street – my address is the Soviet Union”. Identity was a collective matter. But times have changed: the individual choice of the market has replaced the dictate of the proletariat. Instead of part of a collective, everybody in Russia wants to be different, unique, individual and exclusive. 
The result is a cacophony. In comparison with the past possible identities seem to have multiplied beyond recognition. In their work, architects and designers solidify these identities. Today, 20 years after start of the capitalist revolution it is time to step back. It seems there is no order left, but this is a misconception. Call it lifestyle, niche market, target group or fashion: with every choice the consumer defines an identity – consciously or subconsciously – as part of a group that shares the same history, culture, physique, class, income, race, origin, age, city, religion….

In the 3rd Moscow Architecture Biennale we can see how these identities are reflected in architecture and design in Russia and abroad: in the interiors and houses of the individual consumer, in the work of architects who believe in a certain architectural theory, in the materials used a particular region or in typologies that are rooted in local culture. Let’s hope that this will lead to a discussion that goes beyond the preference and intuition of the individual author and will find common grounds for Russian architecture.  


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